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1. What card game is said to have gained its name from the Galata Bridge which spans the Golden Horn and links the old and new parts of European Istanbul?

2. Why is the Cristal brand of Champagne so named?

3. Who won the most recent series of 'Celebrity Big Brother' screened in August and September?

4. The Soho gravestone of which English literary critic and essayist was restored in 2003 and unveiled by Michael Foot?

5. Summer, Buddy Holly, the working folly, Good Golly Miss Molly and boats are all what?

6. Who was the author of 'King Solomon's Mines'?

7. After China and India, who is the world's biggest producer of tea?

8. Fire-ravaged Eastbourne Pier and the wreck of the 18th-century British warship 'Hazardous' both featured in what list last month?

9. Two birds vie for the title of Britain's smallest bird. What are they?

10 What classic 1940s film is based on an unproduced stage play called 'Everybody Comes to Rick's'?

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