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1. In football, what is the action of kicking a ball through an opponent's legs called?

2. The Michael Jackson video for 'Smooth Criminal' is said to have been based on the 'Girl Hunt Ballet' sequence from which 1953 film musical?

3. Which children's comic first appeared on 30 July 1938?

4. To symbolise sweeping England from the seas, the Dutch admiral Maarten Tromp allegedly tied what to the mast of his ship after his victory at Dungeness in 1652?

5. Which Minister of Transport gave his name to the beacons installed at pedestrian crossings?

6. Actress Thora Hird was once the mother-in-law of which famous American singer?

7. Which First World War poet and composer was gassed in 1917, honourably discharged in 1918 and declared insane in 1922?

8. The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Canal in north-east Wales was declared what in 2009?

9. The title of which BBC sports commentator's 2003 autobiography was entitled 'Unless I'm Very Much Mistaken'?

10. After what type of animal are the Canary Islands named?

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