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1. Who reportedly asked her husband, "Why don't you write books that people can read?"?

2. What's Britain's most popular registered dog breed?

3. Which budding young entrepreneur threatened to sue John Lennon for not fulfilling an apparent promise to provide a free record for his student magazine?

4. Whose video recently caused YouTube to upgrade their views counter?

5. To whom was Sir Anthony Meyer a stalking horse?

6. In 1940, what was Operation Dynamo?

7. Which London restaurant is named after a character in 'Les Misérables', whose name became synonymous with street urchins?

8. In the last two years of his life, which double Oscar-winning actor, who died in 2004, was granted various patents for devices to tune drums?

9. Which dessert is known in France as Omelette à la Norvegienne?

10. Which writer included the anagrammatic character Vivian Darkbloom in his most famous novel?

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