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1. When the First Division became the Premier League in 1992 it contained three original members of the Football League. Which ones?

2. He was half a comic duo whose other member had died in 1984. In 1985, he made the first mobile phone call in the UK. Who was he?

3. 'Thespis', a Christmas burlesque performed in 1871-72, was the first collaboration between whom?

4. 'Lefèvre' in French, 'Herrero' in Spanish, what in English?

5. In 1911, the Swede Selma Lagerlof became the first woman to win what?

6. Which screen monster, first seen in the 1950s, was intended as a metaphor for the dangers of a nuclear world?

7. In 1869, the food chemist Hippolyte Mège-Mouriès patented a new foodstuff. The first mixture consisted of beef fat, cow's udder and chopped sheep stomach. What was it?

8. What lasted 30 seconds in 1881 and inspired a 1957 film by John Sturges?

9. With which two words is the tenor Wynne Evans closely associated?

10. In 1982, 'Time' magazine's Man of the Year wasn't a person. What was it?

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