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1. Who's the only Prime Minister to serve under three different monarchs?

2. Which term, now no longer in use, to denote an order of mammals, translates literally as 'thick-skinned'?

3. The London to Brighton Veteran Car Run was established in 1896 partly to mark the abolition of which legal requirement in motoring?

4. Brooklime, Charlock and Horehound: all varieties of what?

5. What happened to the villages of Mardale Green and Measland in the Lake District (1935), Derwent and Ashopton in the Derwent Valley (1943) and Capel Celyn in the Tryweryn Valley in North Wales (1965)?

6. Which Football League club was founded in 2004?

7. Who recently became the 19th member of the Eurozone?

8. Devised by the Marconi company, 'CQD' began operating internationally in 1904, but was replaced two years later. By what?

9. Last year it was announced that there is scientific proof that pyramidal is better than circular. With respect to what?

10. Which renowned theatre critic had the slogan 'Rouse tempers, goad and lacerate, raise whirlwinds' pinned to his desk?

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