The Saturday quiz: Try our weekly brainteaser


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1. It has more than 3m items, including the largest collection of paintings in the world. Which museum?

2. Which open letter of 1898 was addressed to Félix Faure, the president of France?

3. Wikipedia lists more than 80 actors who have played this late-19th/early 20th-century fictional character – among them Tom Baker, John Cleese, Roy Hudd, and Roger Moore. Which character?

4. The Atlanta Chiefs in 1968 were the first winners of what?

5. McDonald's; Osama bin Laden; One Direction. What's the connection?

6. Which empire lasted from 962 (first ruler, Otto I) to 1806 (last ruler, Francis II)?

7. Who was the first person to be interred in Poets' Corner in Westminster Abbey?

8. Which city is widely known as the 'surfing capital of Europe'?

9. Congress House in central London is the headquarters of which organisation?

10. Which US actress and campaigner is an honorary citizen of both Cambodia and Sarajevo?

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