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1. Who did Jimmy Fallon replace as the host of US chat show 'The Tonight Show'?

2. A hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden is rebuilt from scratch every year. What with?

3. The 'golden apple' is a fruit cultivated by the Aztecs and was first mentioned in European literature in 1544 by an Italian. By which name do we know it?

4. What is the occupation of Darlene Love, one of the subjects of the 2014 Best Documentary Oscar winner?

5. Patent 'US 139121 A' for an 'Improvement in fastening pocket-openings', was filed on the behalf of which San Francisco company in 1872?

6. "Heil Myself" and "Opening Night" are numbers from which 2001 musical?

7. Which nightclub in the north-west of England was described by 'Billboard' in 1978 as "the best disco in the world"?

8. Which TV cook wrote her first cookbook – 'The Hamlyn All Colour Cook Book' – in 1970?

9. Berlin is the most populous city in Germany. What is the second?

10. Laszlo Almasy, Lawrence of Arabia and George Mallory. What's the connection?

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