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1. Which actress had a lion called Winston Churchill and a monkey called King Kong?

2. What does Ambrose Bierce's 'Devil's Dictionary' define as "One skilled in circumvention of the law"?

3. What position does Malorie Blackman currently occupy?

4. "I want my food dead. Not sick, not wounded. Dead." What was Woody Allen refusing to eat?

5. Where is the Dothraki language spoken?

6. The actor Shane Richie sold the rights to his 40th birthday party for £1.10 to which magazine?

7. When the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh opened in 1961 it had the world's first what?

8. Which drink was first devised at Shannon Airport in the 1940s to revive weary travellers?

9. Madonna has five, Sylvester Stallone has four. Of which award?

10. In August 1850, Kew Gardens received a plant specimen which they added to their collection, unwisely as it turned out. What was it?

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