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1. The father of which singer and songwriter, who released an album last month, fought in the First World War?

2. What did Eugene Cernan do in 1972 that 10 people had done before him and none have done since?

3. In which Booker Prize-winning novel does the F-word appear around 4,000 times?

4. What was called the Executive Mansion until 1901?

5. Gault Millau, Zagat Survey and Gambero Rosso are all what?

6. Which 'Carry On' actor was Oscar-nominated in the Best Original Song category?

7. Which sports figure has been described by a biographer as "a street Machiavelli, a ghetto Einstein"?

8. "The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that…" does what, in the 1865 poem by WR Wallace?

9. Launched in 1980, what was the first computer to sell for under £100?

10. In 1997, Alan Ayckbourn became the first playwright to be knighted since whom in 1970?

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