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Meet Valeriya, Russia's empress of pop. PLUS: Will Self is heading for Hollywood; Can moonbeams cure cancer? Mark Hix joins the brunch bunch

In detail:

The front bit

* The Weasel remembers Covent Garden.

* My Secret Life: Mary McCartney on a photographer’s life and style

* PsychoGeography: Will and Ralph are down and out in Beverly Hills


* Cover story: Valeriya has sold 100 million records and Vladimir Putin adores her. But will Britain ever warm to Russia’s favourite pop star? Shaun Walker reports

* Knife UK: No-one doubts that Britain has a problem with young people and knives. So what do the young people themselves think? Clare Dwyer Hogg finds out

* Lunatic fringe: A bizarre machine in the Arizona desert is bringing new hope to sufferers from a wide range of conditions


* Modern classics: YSL’s Edition 24

* Style notes: Shopping & beauty news

Food & drink

* Munch brunch: Mark Hix cooks breakfast

* Restaurant: Chelsea’s newest hot spot

* Wine: Raise a glass to rosé this summer

Design & interiors

* Cabin fever: Britain’s best wooden home

* Peter York: The new austerity measures

Gardens & pets

* Anna Pavord: Why a bunny is not funny

* Urban gardener & Pets’ corner

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