Pets' Corner: My tabby thinks he's Tarzan

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I have a wonderful four-month-old tabby cat and he is glorious in every way – except one. He thinks he is Tarzan. I cannot stop him from climbing the curtains. I'm worried that he is going to get hurt or keep getting stuck, as it has happened before. Help! Nancy Walton, Windmill, Derbs

As you've already discovered, kittens are naturally adventurous and sometimes they can get themselves into trouble. Climbing is a natural instinct that your kittie uses to develop skills and strength. It is important that he has a proper outlet for this. The easiest way to stop him scaling your curtains is to replace them with blinds, but your kitten will still find something to climb. Buy him a clambering frame, such as a cat tree. These are fantastic indoor feline gyms that will keep him busy for hours. Here are a few other ideas to combat the real issue. When you bring young moggies into your home you need to set some rules. When you see your cat is going to climb the curtains, clap your hands sharply and say "no". If you can, step in front of the curtains so you prevent him from clawing his way up. After a few times, he should learn that this is not acceptable behaviour. If he does manage to cling on, don't try to pull him off – this could damage the fabric and hurt him. Support his body and with your other hand gently unhook the claws. A great place to get those cat trees is

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