For less: Because no one need ever know...

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1. Rimmel liquid eyeliner, 4.29

A basic for girls and emo boys, and trashy glamour on the cheap for any woman you know with a leaning towards messy hair, red lipstick and a cigarette.

2. Perspex box frames, from 5.95

Simple, and won't draw attention away from whatever you want to put inside photo, drawing, note, leaf or trinket.

Tel: 020 7287 7323,

3. Very Style Guides, 5 each

Hip, insiders' guides to cities including London, Paris, Rio and New York.

Tel: 020 7262 0612,

4. Measuring-tape keyring, 8.50

A handy item if you like to know the long and short of things in style.

Tel: 020 7589 7401,

5. Porcelain piggy bank, 9.99

A classic item and check out that gingham neckerchief.

Tel: 020 7243 0449,

6. Large stud earrings 7.50

The silver "claws" that hold the fake diamond in place really stand out.

Tel: 0845 302 1234,

7. Silk sock liners, 9

Hold the heat in, keep the cold out. What more could you want?

Tel: 0800 376 7974,

8. 'Daisy Dooley Does Divorce', by Anna Pasternak (Vermilion), 7

Comedic, soppy, raw chick-lit with an uplifting voice.

9. Cooks dry measure, 9.50

Simple but indispensable kitchen device ideal for measuring anything from cornflour to cocoa.

Tel: 020 7729 6253,

10. 1970s Petit Bateau T-shirts, 10

T-shirts for children aged three months to six years. The fact that they're "vintage" means the colours can't be found in new clothes.

Betty's Vintage, tel: 020 8969 2996