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Old dog, new trick: Sir Benjamin Slade’s wily scheme to give away his £7.5m estate. PLUS: Queen of green - Sian Berry’s eco-revolution; fluffy ideas - Skye Gyngell’s rice recipes; a rentboy writes - John Rechy, sex worker and novelist


* Close-up: The director Jim Threapleton on waterboarding and being 'Mr Winslet'

* Parties: Ex-Clash bassist Paul Simonon’s matador paintings rock the art crowd

* Fashion: Designer Brian Atwood gives Bally shoes a racy makeover


* The Robert Chalmers interview: Just how eccentric is Sir Benjamin Slade, the right-wing aristocrat who wants to give away his £7.5m country pile?

* 'Environmental Viagra': Can London mayoral candidate Sian Berry get us hot under the collar about the Green Party?

Arts & Books

* Urban necromancer How Tristan Sharp is breathing new life into Liverpool

* Straight shooter Former child soldier Emmanuel Jal has no need to embellish his past to be taken seriously as a rapper

* Street artist John Rechy talks candidly about his dual life as literary sensation and Los Angelean street-walker


* Credo: The author Josephine Hart believes ‘ordinary people’ don’t exist

* Experience: When her husband was struck by a debilitating illness, the seventy-something Pauline Hyde took her mind off things... by writing a bonkbuster

* Style: Oz has a new wizard in Josh Goot, whose magically minimalist cotton knits have taken his homeland by storm

* Food: Rice might be a staple but it’s never boring, says Skye Gyngell (globe artichokes with Calasparra rice pictured left)

* Restaurants: Terry Durack samples the culinary skills of the Connaught’s hot new chef, Hélène Darroze

* Interiors: How the boutique owner Anna Park brightened up her life

* Gardens Emma Townshend opts for the easy life with euphorbias – the plants that take care of themselves