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Injured. Insulted. Defiant. Britain's Iraq war veterans tell their stories. Plus, an interview with John Currin, the high priest of porn-art, and Terry Durack on Tom Aikens' fish and chip revolution. These are just some of the highlights in this Sunday's magazine, read on to see more ...
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The soldier's tale

It's now five years since the Iraq war began. And ever since the first casualties started to arrive back in Britain, former paratrooper Stuart Griffiths has been documenting their struggles. Here he presents his moving portfolio

The filth and the fury

His portraits of balloon-breasted women are notorious. Now John Currin is about to arrive in Britain with canvases of an even more sexually explicit nature. The artist talks to David Usborne about flesh tones, critical outrage – and why hardcore porn is part of the 'war against Islam'

Tom's Place

Sustainable fish, moules marinière, home-made ketchup... Tom Aikens' new-wave fish and chipper is batter by far

'Please stop laughing at me'

Her play 'Art' earned $200m and was performed in 35 languages – yet the French writer Yasmina Reza doesn't get the respect she feels she deserves. Will a starry new play and a year in the intimate company of President Sarkozy bring her the kudos she craves?

What the war taught me

Among all the blood and horror of Baghdad, journalist Oliver Poole found many Iraqis who were determined to laugh, celebrate and cling to normality at all costs. Here, he explains how they inspired his new book

Flash, bang, scallop

They're sweet, flavoursome and only take a minute to cook. Why aren't we making more of a shellfish that thrives in Britain's coastal waters, asks Skye Gyngell

The enemy within

While conflict rages around them, one Israeli woman has taken a bold step by welcoming into her household a Palestinian man and his sick son

Style: How to win the primaries

Little black dress be gone: this spring is all about postbox-reds and canary-yellows as designers find inspiration in the unlikely form of the Rubik's Cube


Why do we arrange our window boxes so that casual passers-by get the best view? Emma Townshend orders an about face

Plus: book reviews, beauty, interiors and much more ...

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