Essentials: Roisin Murphy, singer

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I like a bit of aspiration. My style is brave and eclectic, especially when performing. Characters from films inspire me: Faye Dunaway in Chinatown; Shirley Maclaine in Some Came Running. I'm wearing my Ralph Lauren show-jumping jacket that makes me look like Princess Anne ( and Marc Jacobs' recent Louis Vuitton collection inspired the clothes in my video ( I adore B*store ( and Rellik for vintage (

Armani make-up is the best ( and I also use Kiehl's hair products ( Exfoliating mittens are the greatest invention of all time. I hate the trend for choosing handbags just to show how rich you are. Most of them weigh a ton; I do have a great 1980s-style oversized clutch from Fendi. (

Roisin Murphy's single, '"You Know Me Better", is out 31 March on EMI Records. Her album, Overpowered, is out now