Bites: 'Brokeback' star goes organic

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Jake Gyllenhaal is the latest A-lister to decide that what's missing in his life is his own restaurant. The Brokeback Mountain star is set to open an LA restaurant in cahoots with childhood friend Chris Fischer, previously sous chef at Babbo in Manhattan, the Italian flagship of clog-wearing, ponytail-championing celebrity chef Mario Batali.

Their organic restaurant is due to open this winter after Gyllenhaal has taken a cycling tour of Italy in search of inspiration.

Equally starry on most mornings is The Wolseley, the Viennese-inspired grand café on Piccadilly that, as it approaches its fifth birthday, remains London's classiest breakfast destination. And now, with the publication of Breakfast at The Wolseley – a recipe-packed love letter to an establishment that for many has become synonymous with the most important meal of the day – it's possible to attempt to recreate the dishes (if sadly not the ambience) of the place. I'll have the Crêpe Complet.