Bites: Waiter, there's an RPG in my soup

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For those of us who keep an eye on the most unsavourily themed restaurant (admittedly it's a select club), it's been a momentous month. The current champion is a Taiwanese stool-themed temple where you sit on a toilet seat and the chocolate ice cream is served in a porcelain throne-shaped bowl. Before that it was briefly Hitler's Cross, Mumbai's Nazi-themed cafeteria. "Hitler is a catchy name, everyone knows Hitler," explained the owner before being forced a fortnight later to rename it.

But now there's a new contender. Operating out of a war-torn, Hezbollah-controlled southern suburb of Beirut, it's Buns & Guns (pictured), a burger bar with the motto: "A sandwich can kill you." Surrounded by combat netting and served by fatigues-clad staff, you sit behind sandbags and order from a munitions-inspired fast-food menu. Highlights include the M16 Carbine (lamb sandwich), Stinger Missiles (chicken wings) and the Rocket-Propelled Grenade (a chicken kebab) wrapped in "Resistance bread".