Credo: Max Lewis

Actor with Down's syndrome, 15
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I believe...

Going to the theatre makes me happiest. I love musicals and pantomimes – the singing and dancing.

The role I would most like to play on stage is the father in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, because I love his sweetheart, Truly Scrumptious. I would also like to play Doctor Who. I would like to travel through time and have a sonic screwdriver.

It makes me really cross when people stare at me in the street.

I love acting. I like people watching me and clapping.

My favourite actor is [Notes on a Scandal co-star] Cate Blanchett. She is very nice.

I like routine and I don't like it if my routine is changed or plans are changed.

My biggest fan is my Grandma Estelle. I put on special shows for her.

My favourite place is my bedroom.

I am writing a reality TV show based on the rhyme "10 in a bed". There will be 10 girls in a bed, and me, and they will be selected off and the one left will marry me. I will be the host and a judge. I'll interview them all.

I am scared of clowns. I don't like the face paint – I hate all masks.

My favourite food is bread and my favourite type is white cholla. I eat bread and butter every day for breakfast.

School is great. The best lesson is cooking. I am especially good at making egg mayonnaise sandwiches, and tuna, although it is difficult for me to open tins.

I love to go for lunch at the pavilion at Lord's. They do a very good egg mayonnaise sandwich and lemon cake. I have to wear a suit and tie and I like that.

I have had three girlfriends. I'd be happy if those girls would come back to me.

West Ham is the best football team in England.

Woolworths is my favourite shop. I love shopping, especially for DVDs.

If I am feeling miserable, I cheer myself up by singing along to my iPod.

'Living With Max', a memoir by his mother, Sandy Lewis (Vermilion, £12.99), is out now