Essentials: Julien MacDonald, Designer

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My style is pretty effortless. I've had the same staple wardrobe for years, revolving around black jeans, a black Dior blazer (below, and a black shirt from Zara (, which makes perfect affordable basics. It doesn't really matter how expensive a black shirt is, it will fade to grey after a few washes, so I buy mine in bulk and bin them after five wears.

I like to keep it simple – I design for very glamorous women but in terms of my own look I admire old-fashioned film stars such as James Dean and Clint Eastwood in his youth (right), although I do think David Beckham is a great modern style icon.

I'm updating my wardrobe this summer with some military-style T-shirts from John Galliano ( and some beach jewellery from Melissa Odabash ( The area around London's Portobello Market is my shopping territory – it has so many interesting little boutiques. Rellik is my favourite because it's great for funky vintage pieces (

I'm a big fan of Elemis skincare, particularly its Marine range ( I also like Eve Lom products (, below) and I go the Space NK spa for a cleansing facial ( One of my favourite treatments is a flotation tank at Float ( it's amazingly relaxing and you come out feeling and looking a million times better than when you went in.

My one style rule is "If in doubt, stick to classics." Unless you're a natural fashionista, don't bother trying to look fashionable. Just try to look good.