Essentials: Kate jackson, singer, The long Blondes

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My look hasn't changed since I was a teenager. I have the same make-up now as I did in 1995 and I still wear pencil skirts and scarves or black cords and skinny glittery tops. I'd describe my style as Bonnie Parker meets a Carry on girl.

At the moment I'm wearing some white zip-up ankle boots that I found in a vintage store in Berlin, with a biker jacket and leather gloves. I walk around imagining I'm in the 1960s film Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

I still love a charity-shop bargain. Suffolk is a great place for charity shopping, as there are hardly any young people but lots of rich farmers' wives with overflowing wardrobes. I can't wait to go back on tour and visit the market in Groningen in Holland for the tights stall. I'm not really into labels, although I am in the market for a Barbour wax jacket at the moment (above right,

I do like department stores so I'd happily spend a few hours in Selfridges if I was at a loose end in London (www.selfridges. com); Peek & Cloppenburg ( in Germany is also good.

MAC lipstick is the best (left, www.mac It's creamy, moisturises your lips and smells of vanilla. I'm also a big fan of Maybelline mascara (right, www. maybelline. and 17 black liquid eyeliner (

Batiste dry shampoo (from chemists nationwide) is my secret style tip – it's great on tour when I'm living on a bus and can't wash my hair for a week.

I recently moved to London from Sheffield and I'm gutted I can no longer visit Ian at The Cutting Club (0114 273 0905) for a trim. He's my hero.

The Long Blondes' album 'Couples' is out now on Rough Trade Records