Fashion: Here is the T-time news

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In the fashion lexicon, certain pieces can readily be prefixed with the adjective "statement". Jewellery, for instance, or handbags. The humble T-shirt is not generally considered to be among them. Except when Peter Lundgren has something to do with it.

Lundgren, who founded an ethical advertising agency before moving into the world of clothing design, has based his latest venture, T-post (, on the unlikely fusion of casualwear with a current affairs magazine. "It all started with the idea of trying to rewire the structures of news communication," he explains. "We wanted to engage people with important topics and T-shirts seemed an ideal medium. T-shirts inspire conversation, and when you add a story to them, you get people thinking."

Every six weeks, Lundgren and his small editorial team work with a different designer to produce a T-shirt based on a recent news item. That story is then printed on the inside of the garment, so that when the wearer is quizzed about the graphic, they know enough to explain and interpret the issue in their own words.

The latest edition, a collaboration with Finnish illustrator Jarno Kettunen called Blood vs Love, is inspired by the story of a hospital mix-up, where two infants were accidentally given to the wrong parents, and tackles the issue of whether familial ties are really based on biology.

The fact that the T-shirts are sent exclusively to subscribers (around 2,500 in 46 countries) makes them an even better conversation-starter, according to Lundgren. A T-shirt, a talking point and new friends for just £20? Seems like a worthwhile investment.