My Style: Barrington de la Roche & Inesa Vaiciute

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Occupation: Artists
Age: 63 & 25
Personal style: Twin chic

Interview by James Sherwood

James Sherwood: As we speak, you're on a film set playing a sinister fairground worker. Your look has led you to be cast in music videos, movies and theatre but the pair of you are most famous for your performance art as Dark Theatre. How dark does it get?

Barrington de la Roche: One piece has Inesa crucified with a dead pig hanging over her as I play with the entrails. That sort of thing.

JS: You make Damien Hirst seem tame in comparison. Your names certainly do your chosen profession justice. Barrington de la Roche – you couldn't make it up. Did you?

BdlR: No. My family are French Huguenots who fled to England in the 17th century. Inesa is Lithuanian. We've been together for four years. We met on a train in Berlin, had internet sex for a year, then she moved here.

JS: How romantic... in an Edgar Allan Poe fashion. You look fabulous together. Tell me why you dress identically.

BdlR: We dress alike because we are the art. Whatever we are doing is art because that's what we live and breathe. Until I recently put a bit of weight on I could fit into Inesa's clothing so we could buy everything times two, except shoes.

JS: I saw a picture of you at the Affordable Art Fair (that you co-directed) with the Lord Mayor. He looked like the main course in a vampire feast. Are you dangerous to know?

BdlR: I was a junkie for nearly 30 years and have been clean for 20. Now I travel the world giving talks for Narcotics Anonymous.

JS: I think you're a brilliant role model for leading a fascinating life without the aid of narcotics. Where do you shop?

BdlR: Inesa's grandmother knit the sweaters for us, but we get a lot of stuff from second-hand shops. It doesn't matter where we shop as long as we wear the same shoes, trousers, top and vest. We even came to the set yesterday with the same thermals. n

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