Parties: At the altar of celebrity

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The Whitechapel Gallery's "Art Plus Film" party, sponsored by Tod's, was billed as a celebration of a "cultural flashpoint". Hard to define such a thing, but easy to spot one once you're in the middle of it, with Agyness Deyn to the left, work by Anish Kapoor on sale to the right and press bulbs popping all over. They provided the flash; the point was raising funds for Whitechapel Gallery's Expansion and Education Programme.

Marylebone church was the venue, red carpet and flaming braziers denoting its new calling for the evening. The altar was soon deconsecrated further by the screening of Christian Marclay's specially commissioned new film work, Solo, which featured an actress in carnal embrace with a guitar.

The noise of their union was broadcast at high volume, making champagne chatter difficult. Marclay has long said he is interested in "unwanted sound" and tonight he made good on his promise.

Fleeing outside for a cigarette were Deyn and Henry Holland (House of Holland had designed the invites).What did Henry think of the music? "That was MUSIC? But what do I know about art? I'm a northerner..." He was chatty and blithe while Agyness, radiant in the white heat of her moment, slipped away to another party, disappearing legs-last into a waiting car like a fawn into an anaconda.

Inside, Jade Jagger's sequined dress and the paparazzi were makinganother flashpoint. "I love tonight,"she said. "Fashion and art and film should all be muddled up together, otherwise they get boring." Meanwhile, Will Young walked away disappointed from the oyster bar. "I don't understand," he spluttered. "They're horrible!"

Judging by the quantities consumed, few agreed. And everywhere people danced gaily. Now there's a fundraiser with fun in it.