Parties: It's Amy in Wonderland

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An owl and a dormouse are greeting guests at the elegant Belgravia venue Il Bottaccio, as giant spinning teacups inside are lit up by trees laced with fairy lights, while champagne glasses rest on giant mushrooms, and a Cheshire cat smiles down from behind a bouquet of red balloons. All that's missing is Alice... and here she comes, in the form of Amy Molyneux, the trendy east London co-founder of fashion label PPQ, whose neat white ankle socks are as close as we'll get to Lewis Carroll's heroine.

It is Sky's 14 August celebration bash for its new "designer" HDTV receiver boxes, which, funkily etched by Amy and her fellow fashion gliterati Henry Holland, Julie Verhoeven and Erdem, are causing quite a stir at this Wonderland launch.

Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland is positively entranced, while a bevy of TV presenters, Angelica Bell, Jenni Falconer and Charlie Webster, look iridescent in the glow of a bank of flatscreen TVs.

In one corner, Liz McClarnon (is an Atomic Kitten any relation to a Cheshire Cat?) holds court, no doubt with tales of her recent reincarnation as a celebrity Masterchef, before the actor Nick Moran arrives, toting a furled umbrella and looking a tad dazed as he surveys the fantasy world.

As the evening draws to a close, shapes thrown by the less-than-sleepy dormouse to DJ Jodie Harsh's mixing provide a welcome distraction from the first intrusion of reality: a white rabbit is busily removing his "head". Maybe he's late for his next appointment...