Singer Lee Ryan: Why I Love...Surfin' USA

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I can't surf, to be honest with you. I tend to lie on a board and paddle a good workout for the arms and the upper body. After a few hours out there you look like Daniel Craig. I'm all about the skinny blue Speedos.

I first got into surfing when I was about 14. I made friends with the group Hanson remember Mmm Bop? and their manager paid for me to go to surf camp with them in Los Angeles.

Hanson had to do a promo and couldn't go in the end but I went, and it was then that I got the bug for LA. Now I live out there and I go surfing on Venice Beach and Malibu.

I saw a seal pop its head up while I was out the other day. It was just lying on its back, chilling. I don't think anyone else saw it. It was just a moment between me and the seal.

Lee Ryan's single "Reinforce Love" is on sale now in aid of children's cancer charity Clic Sargent ( and Great Ormond Street Hospital. December is childhood cancer awareness month.