Trends: A sweet way to fall asleep

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Stressed by the credit crunch? Can't even grab 40 winks to dream away the anxiety? Well, here's a tip: sink your teeth into a choccie bar.

Gaba chocolate from Japanese company Ezaki Glico ( not only offers the usual feel-good sensation associated with scoffing chocolate, it also boasts the stress-reducing amino acid Gamma-aminobutyric to make you snoozy.

Gum company Lotte, meanwhile, has developed Relax gum (, which has added theanine – an amino acid that combats stress and promotes relaxation (it's found naturally in green tea).

And Dreamerz ( in the US is selling bed-time products that contain the relaxant lactium and a small amount of the hormone melatonin to help provide a good night's shuteye.

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