Why I Love: Charity tat

Lucy Porter, comedian
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I visit charity shops most days. It's a cheap way to satisfy my consumer urges. My latest find is a silver frame engraved "Whiskey". It frames a slightly blurry photo of a ginger cat sitting on a radiator. I imagine the lady who loved that cat is now at peace, but Whiskey is safe with me.

At home I have a little cabinet of tat, including a candle shaped as a banana, a robot that makes noises, and a tin decorated with Santa Claus and a monkey. Lucky callers to my flat get to choose an item to take away and sometimes I give them to my audience.

My cabinet is frequently replenished and items are returned. But when I took an armful of videos to a charity shop the lady told me they weren't in demand. She was even quite scathing about the titles. I suppose Steps videos aren't for everyone.

Lucy Porter's show The Bare Necessities is at Pleasance One, Edinburgh, until 25 August (tel: 0131 556 6550, www.pleasance.co.uk). Interview by Hermione Eyre