Why I love: Earthy pleasures

Don Letts, film director
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I'm seriously turned on by the planet and all it has to offer. I can still look at a tree and a blue sky and be amazed. I don't allow my kids to kill insects because I tell them, "Don't kill something you can't make."

You know the music from [the BBC series] Planet Earth by Sigur Rós? Sometimes I put that on my iPod and stroll round west London, and city life takes on the same dynamic as that documentary. All the highs, lows, ironies, achievements and disasters of the human race I find inspiring.

I'm passionate about music and films. I'm passionate about women. Well, one at a time. I'm passionate about my garden. The only thing I hate on earth is sport.

What I don't believe in is space travel. This planet is complicated enough. All the solutions to our problems are here. Instead of looking up in the sky, we should look around us.

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