Why I love: Low riders

Conn Iggulden, Author
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When I was 25, I bought a Westfield kit car. The car was so tiny I could press my right hand on the road at the same time as gripping the other side of the car with my left. That's small. However, it cornered like nothing on earth. In the dry, I was Colin McRae. In rain, it handled like a ship. I lost count of how many times I spun it.

It also used to overheat, so that hot water poured over the pedals and my shoes. I kept a bottle of water with me for refills – until I ran out and sat in a cloud of steam on a motorway. All I had was the empty bottle, a full bladder and a hell of a good idea. Sadly, when it overheated again, the water and steam pouring on to my shoes had an entirely different quality. Good memories.

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