Why I Love: Moomin cobbling

Beth Rowley, singer-songwriter
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I've worn my brown boots almost every day for about five years. They've been mended several times, and my family keep telling me to throw them away, but they're a part of me now. They have character. The other day my boyfriend and I had to superglue the sole.

Occasionally my management will take me aside and say, "About the boots, Beth..." But I still sneak them on when I'm doing gigs. There's definitely a part of me that's a bit scuzzy; I like camping 'cos nobody washes.

I own about four pairs of shoes. I'm a flat-sole girl. I like experimenting with wicked dresses but in my head my brown boots stop me looking too prim. They're comforting. Did you ever watch The Moomins? Who was the guy who played harmonica by the river? Snufkin! They remind me of the boots he used to wear. Now I'm embarrassing myself.

Beth Rowley's debut album Little Dreamer is out now on Universal ( www.bethrowley.com)