PwC partners' tax bill tots up to £266m

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Accountancy PricewaterhouseCoopers has for the first time divulged how much tax its senior UK staff hand over to the Treasury – about £305,000 per partner.

Speaking on the release of PwC's annual results today, senior partner Ian Powell said the firm decided to show the tax contribution as there is "currently such a lot of focus on people paying their way".

Including National Insurance contributions, staff paid an effective tax rate of around 47 per cent, up from 46 per cent last year, for a combined total of £266m.

However, the average profit paid out to each of the 872 UK partners , excluding 30 on secondment overseas, was nearly £800,000, up from £763,000 last year. This reflected a 7 per cent growth in revenue, which came in at £2.62bn.