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Another magazine cover?

No, the peroxide model's latest endeavour will see her make her stage acting debut in February next year. She'll play a "promiscuous" young woman who's invited to dinner by a yuppie couple in François Archambault's comedy The Leisure Society.

History tells us this can only end in tragedy...

Remember Naomi Campbell's pop career? Claudia Schiffer's prestigious movie appearances? Deyn, however, appears to have been reasonably careful with this project. The play also stars Ed Stoppard, the son of Tom, and he's got strong Shakespearean cred.

Is this a serious move into acting, or a promotional coup for the theatre?

Only time will tell, but it's nice to see Deyn back in work. Back in 2007, she was feted as the new Kate Moss, appearing on every magazine cover and walking every runway a hundred times over. Rumours suggested she became bored, and as her fame reached its pinnacle she did a bit of a bit of a disappearing act. She did a duet with Five O'Clock Heroes (it was given a mean-spirited 2/10 by NME) and played Aphrodite in panned blockbuster Clash of the Titans.

At least she has a Hollywood name

Perhaps having deemed her real name (Laura Hollins) a bit unglamorous, Deyn was taken to a numerologist by her mother to find a more "fortuitous" identity.


Yes, it's the same mental principle that saw US church leader Harold Camping falsely predict the coming of the apocalypse on four separate occasions.