Profile: Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post

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I hear Ms Huffington is about to invade the UK?

You heard right. The Huffington Post has been wildly successful in the United States and until recently (see more later), it was the second most-popular news website in the world behind that of The New York Times. Ms Huffington, 60, has seen her site become a powerhouse of left-leaning blogs and opinion. The UK version launches tomorrow and a French edition will soon join her sizeable ranks.

Whoa! She's left wing? Isn't she?

Yes, she used to be a diehard conservative. Huffington endorsed her ex-husband Michael's bid for the Senate in 1994 and created, which called for an end to Bill Clinton's presidency after the Monica Lewinsky affair. But her 1997 divorce from Michael seemed to have had a profound change on her. She ran as an independent in the 2003 recall elections for California governor and supported John Kerry against George Bush in 2004.

What can we expect from the UK version?

More of the same apparently, which has left some people a little disgruntled. They turned against her when she sold the site to AOL for $315m (£200m) in February. At the moment she became the head of thecorporate subsidiary, she also inadvertently cast herself as a greedy cyberspace overlord. But she is familiar with Britain, having studied economics at Cambridge.