Profile: David Starkey, historian

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I know him! The telly history bloke.

Right. He's the, ah, respected historian known for his C4 TV series The Six Wives of Henry VIII, etc and most recently Jamie's Dream School, where he told a pupil he was so fat he "couldn't really move").

Charming! I hear he's not fond of black kids either?

On Newsnight on Friday, he claimed the riots were a result of "black culture" and that white people involved had "become black". Jamaican patois, he claimed, has left many people feeling like they are living in a "foreign country", adding that Enoch Powell's prediction that mass immigration would lead to "rivers of blood" had now been realised.

Didn't he have a go a women recently too?

He accused female historians of "feminising" history; focusing on the "soap opera" of key figures' love lives rather than their achievements.

Is getting the sack?

It's unclear, there's a lot of speculation that this could damage his career irreversibly. C4 said there was "nothing in the schedule" for future programmes with him.

At least Nick Griffin likes him...

Yes. Griffin tweeted about making Starkey a BNP Gold Member.