Profile: Eva Longoria, actress

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Harper Seven's godmother?

Not officially, though Longoria is in the runners and riders. But Longoria is a remarkable woman. Alongside cosying up in Hollywood to Victoria, Eva plays Gabrielle Solis in Desperate Housewives. Who could forget the will she-won't she saga with the young topless gardener?

That was nearly seven years ago.

Yes, and while we may not have watched it since, we surely all enjoyed her roles in decorated films such as Lower Learning and Over Her Dead Body? In 2009, she showed us she wasn't just an actress when she became the co-owner of a Las Vegas nightclub.

A nightclub which filed for bankruptcy.

'Twas a tragic day. The Beso club went bankrupt in January, but remained in operation while reorganising a $5.7m debt. However, the decision has now been made to close the club. Its restaurant has stayed profitable and will be open as normal.

What's Beso like?

It looks overwhelmingly dark, which in Las Vegas can be taken as a good thing. While Longoria is Beso's figurehead, she can't attend her flock all the time. As the club's website says: "Eva pours her time, energy and heart into numerous philanthropic endeavours."