Profile: Jessie J: singer-songwriter

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So Jessica Ellen Cornish has gone from penning tunes for Miley Cyrus to Glastonbury stardom. Life must be pretty sweet for her right now, then?

So you'd think. However, the Redbridge-born songstress, who describes her music as like Marmite, has revealed she's been the subject of dark internet rumours and death threats.

Nasty. Is she going into hiding?

Far from it. Twenty-three-year-old Jessie J's one feisty lady, who is paying no heed to Satan-worshipper taunts from anti-fans. Apparently her tune "Do It Like a Dude" has been played backwards to reveal the devil's voice. In an interview with Q magazine, she told of enraged listeners willing her to get "HIV and throat cancer at the same time".

How is she otherwise?

Apart from the broken foot she just played Glastonbury with, she's great. She ignored medical advice to perform on crutches at the festival. It's not the first time she's fought through health problems. Diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat aged 11, she suffered a mini-stroke at 18. The only concession she's made is to swear off drink and cigarettes. None of it stopped her topping the BBC's influential Sounds of 2011 list, and scoring hits with "Do It Like a Dude" and "Price Tag".

What else are they saying?

Pretty much exclusively good things. She has some high-profile backers including Justin Timberlake, who has called her the best singer in the world right now.