Profile: Lourdes Leon, Madonna's daughter

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Cos we are living in a Material World?

We certainly are. Lourdes Leon launched a range of make-up to accompany her "Material Girl" fashion range this week, with rent-a-quote Kelly Osborne as its face. Her clothes are already available across the States and feature plenty of Eighties-style ripped denim inspired by the "designer's" mother.

And I am a Material Girl?

You're probably far too old. These products, decorated with pink lace, are aimed squarely at the 'tween market, for whom Lourdes has become a bit of an icon. She's already been to one more Vanity Fair Oscars Party than most of us, and is said to be a great fan of antique furniture.

Experience has made me rich...

Well, Lourdes has certainly been exposed to the industry from a young age, sporting "idiosyncratic" looks ever since she donned her first pair of Wayfarers aged 11. And, let's admit it, she has more fabulous style in just one of her amazing eyebrows than we all do in our entire bodies.

And now they're after me-e-e

Not quite. But here's a list of who might come after you, if you're over 15 and experiment with any of Lourdes' new cosmetics: teenage boys, teenage girls, dogs, the entire cast of Gossip Girl, the police.