Profile: Mohamed Al Fayed, businessman

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What's the mouthy Egyptian businessman up to now?

Al Fayed entered the Celebrity Big Brother house yesterday to preside over a task that involved housemates dressing up as mummies and performing a lie down/stand up game.


Yes, he did look somewhat wide-eyed and loopy in his role as all-powerful Big Brother Un-Pharaoh dressed in full pharaonic regalia while sitting on a Tutankhamun-style throne and banging a gong. It's certainly different from his day job as owner of the Hôtel Ritz Paris and Fulham football club but the 82-year-old billionaire certainly entertained the housemates and caused mass hilarity all round.

But loopy is what the billionaire does best, no?

True. The former owner of Harrods and the House of Fraser has always entertained the nation with his claims about his son's engagement to Diana, a concealed pregnancy and the Princess's fear that Prince Charles and Prince Philip were plotting her death. He has accused everyone he can think of of being involved in her alleged murder. Tony Blair, The Royal Family, French intelligence, the Queen's private secretary and Diana's sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, have all been added to his list of conspirators. Henri Paul, thedriver of the car that crashed, was also involved in the cover-up according to Al Fayed. The Egyptian claimed 20,000francs were found in his pocket, because "he disappeared three hours before the murder being briefed on what to do".