Profile: Mohammed Bin Hammam, football official

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Banned from football for life? That must have been one dangerous tackle.

Well, actually, no. This has more to do with dodgy dealings off the pitch rather than tackles on it. As of Saturday, the Fifa executive committee member Mohammed bin Hammam has been banned from all Fifa and football-related activities after being found guilty of bribery before the organisation's presidential election in June, from which he withdrew. He is the most senior figure to be banned in the organisation's 107-year history.

What's this we hear of revenge?

The 62-year-old has vowed to overturn his bribery conviction, claiming the life ban by the governing body is "revenge" for standing against incumbent Sepp Blatter in the presidential election, which Blatter won unopposed.

Sounds like they have history akin to football's biggest rivals.

Indeed. But it's more like Tony Blair v Gordon Brown than Rangers v Celtic. The pair fell out in 2009 when Bin Hammam believed Blatter broke his word on an agreement to stand aside after two terms of presidency.

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