Profile: Yvette Cooper, shadow home secretary

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She looks like she means business

That's right, she ain't just Mrs Balls matey. Yvette Cooper has long been regarded as a rising star in the Labour party and her steady rise to prominence seemed to hit tipping point yesterday when she led her party in the News of the World hacking debate. Commentators on Twitter pointed out how glum Ed Miliband looked as his colleague exuded leadership quality and charisma.

Yeah, but she wasn't always this good...

True, the shadow Home Secretary has been prone to the odd gaffe. Last year she was caught passing a note to a colleague in a press conference where she commented on the "second division" level of reporters present. Many also thought she was cowardly for not standing against her husband in the last leadership election. But judging by the Miliband familial warfare, it was probably shrewd.

But won't her hubby block her path to power in the future?

Possibly, but let's not forget Mr Balls has more history. He's run for leader, he's lost, he's backed an unpopular PM and taken an unrelenting stance against Coalition economic plans.

So a female leader of the Labour Party?

It's Ed Miliband's position to lose. But certainly the Balls/Coopers could be Britain's answer to the Clintons.