Jagielka: it doesn't mean we're going to win Euros


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England's players have moved to stem the euphoria generated by Fabio Capello's side's victory over Spain, insisting the country should not be swept away by expectations in Poland and Ukraine next summer.

"[Beating Spain] proved we have got a decent amount of strength in depth and we have got some good characters in the squad," Phil Jagielka, one of England's star performers, said. "But I would not get too carried away saying we are going to win the Euros. It was only a friendly against Spain. But it was a positive result. Let's see where we go from here."

It was announced last night that Jagielka had been released from England duty and returned to Everton.

The FA was anxious to point out the defender did not suffer any further injury during Saturday's 1-0 win.

The prognosis for England, certainly, is more positive now than it has been ever since the trip to South Africa last summer. "It is something we can look at with confidence," Scott Parker said. "We can build on it."

In dogged resistance at Wembley, Capello's side proved at least that they can be a match for the world's best team, even without John Terry, Wayne Rooney and Jack Wilshere.

"Those who were not here probably watched thinking they can come in and make us even better," Gareth Barry said. "It is great we have got so many options. This was a positive performance in so many aspects."

Not least, of course, because it proves that there are no certainties about what will happen next summer. Caution may be Capello's side's watchword, but evidence there are no foregone conclusions is priceless.

Spain's David Silva was shocked at how defensive England were given they were playing at Wembley, but added: "That is how every team we face lines up. They get everyone behind the ball, very deep."