Megson: 'I'm better than some in Premier League'

Sheffield Wednesday's Gary Megson believes he doesn't get the credit his record deserves, writes Richard Rae

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When Gary Megson suggests that some managers are not viewed "in the same way" as others, it is hard to disagree. But when the Sheffield Wednesday manager maintains that this is simply because they are better at presenting themselves to the public and the press, it is more contentious.

Even these days, surely a manager's image is more about style on the pitch than off it. Put that contention to Megson, however, and five minutes later the 52-year-old is still talking. "The perception is I play in a certain way," he says, "but the truth is I've never played the way I'd like to play since I've been a manager, because management is making the best out of what you've got.

"People talk about Bolton playing direct football under me. When I went there [in 2007] the club had had the worst-ever start to a Premier League season over 10 games because they had been successfully playing a certain style for six or seven years, and then with the same players – more or less – were playing an entirely different style. All I did was take it back to the style they'd proven able to play, and by doing that, in the end managed to keep the club up."

Tomorrow Megson's record will face its toughest test of the season when Wednesday, lying third in League One, play the leaders Charlton. "I wouldn't be in League One with anyone else" – Megson said about Wednesday. "I believe I'm a more talented manager than some who are currently working in the Premier League. I'm ambitious to work at that level again. But however you feel about Wednesday, it is a huge club. If we play Manchester City or United, we are still Sheffield Wednesday and not too long ago we played them twice a year."