At last, Stonehenge gets a £27m makeover


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The Stonehenge site, dubbed a "national disgrace", is finally set for an overhaul 30 years after English Heritage first proposed tackling the "clutter" surrounding the iconic stones.

Work started yesterday on the £27m transformation project to return the Stonehenge site to a "more tranquil setting". The plans include removing the existing car park, visitor centre and fencing, restoring the landscape and shutting down the road that runs past the monument.

Simon Thurley, chief executive of English Heritage, said: "A new dawn at Stonehenge is truly upon us. Though the stones themselves have never failed to awe visitors, their setting has been a national embarrassment and disgrace."

Part of the A344 road, which currently runs so close to the monument it almost touches the Heel Stone, will be closed and grassed over. The rest of the road will be used for visitor shuttle services. There is no date for completion of the project.