Breivik is insane, says his lawyer, as prosecutor aims for 30-year sentence


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The self-confessed killer Anders Breivik is probably insane and sees himself as a heroic warrior who has launched a war that is destined to last for at least 60 years, his lawyer said yesterday.

The disturbing disclosures about the 32-year-old farmer, who killed 76 people in the twin bombing and shooting on Friday, came as prosecutors said they aimed to charge him with crimes against humanity to ensure that he spent the maximum time in prison.

As fresh details emerged of Mr Breivik's state of mind, police yesterday officially released the first four names of those killed. Norwegian media have already named about 33 victims over the last five days.

Geir Lippestad, Mr Breivik's lawyer, yesterday gave a graphic account of his client's state of mind and said that most of the evidence he had so far presented suggested he was insane. "He is a very cold person," Mr Lippestad told journalists. "So far the whole case indicates that he is insane, although medical reports have to confirm this."

The lawyer said Mr Breivik appeared to have paranoid delusions and had told him he believed that he would be tortured while in police custody. He said he had taken drugs before carrying out the massacre in order to stay calm.

Photographs of Mr Breivik being driven to face a judge for preliminary questioning on Monday showed him almost smiling with satisfaction. Mr Lippestad said Mr Breivik thought he was on a mission. "He sees himself as a warrior and takes some kind of pride in that. He thinks he has started a war that will last at least 60 years," he said. "He hates everyone who is democratic, the Western world and anyone who is not extremist."

Christian Hatlo, the state prosecutor, said his office would attempt to charge Mr Breivik with crimes against humanity, which carried a maximum sentence of 30 years.