Clinton calls on Islamabad to eliminate safe havens Deny militants refuge, urges Clinton on rare visit

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The US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, yesterday pushed Pakistan to deny militants a safe haven on its soil and deliver them to the negotiating table.

The message comes against a backdrop of unprecedented tensions between the United States and Pakistan, with signs that Washington could be tempted to take unilateral action if Islamabad chooses to ignore its requests.

Ms Clinton was accompanied on her overnight visit to the Pakistani capital by a rare and high-profile delegation that included the CIA's new director, David Petraeus, and the American military's new chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey. That showed a rare moment of unity and resolve from Washington.

"We look to Pakistan to take strong steps to deny Afghan insurgents safe havens and to encourage the Taliban to enter negotiations in good faith," Ms Clinton said at a press conference. omar waraich