Fancy a refreshing cup of tea? I'll pass, thanks

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The great British tradition of putting on the kettle and brewing a cuppa could become a thing of the past as a survey reveals just 4 per cent of British tea drinkers are under 25.

A survey conducted by Typhoo tea found that 80 per cent of the UK's population relied on a cup of tea to get them through the day. However, more than half of tea drinkers questioned were over the age of 45 and only 4 per cent were under 25. Further evidence of the decline of tea time etiquette was highlighted by the fact 20 per cent of tea drinkers across the nation opted to brew their tea in a mug, rather than the traditional teapot.

Hannah Norvell-Read, head barista at Bea's of Bloomsbury, said the London tearoom liked to think it was bucking the trend but that the majority of customers were older: "We have a wide range of customers but we serve younger customers at the weekend. I think afternoon tea is seen as a special treat not done on a regular basis which is why I think we have that age of customer at the weekend. During the week we have regulars and customers who are an older working age – I would say 50 and older"

Meagan Leoni, manager at Orange Pekoe, agrees that afternoon tea is seen as an occasional pleasure.

"A lot of young people come at the weekend and they are more open to different types of tea. During the week we have a lot of coffee drinkers and most of our tea-drinking customers are women in their late 40s."

A Typhoo spokeswoman said they were trying to encourage younger people to opt for a cuppa and have hired

adventurer Ben Fogle for adverts in an attempt to do so.