Law tutor battles Three over contract

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An Oxford university academic is locked in a battle of wits with one of Britain's biggest companies over the small print in a contract, which he believes could offer hope for millions of mobile phone customers.

Three, the UK's fourth largest mobile phone network, notified subscribers last month that their monthly packages would rise by 3.6 per cent on 16 July.

But customer Andrew Dyson, a tutor in contract law at Corpus Christi College, scrutinised the small print of his contract and claims Three has made a drafting mistake which means its customers can jettison their contracts, keep their phones and move to a cheaper tariff. Mr Dyson has cancelled his contract and applied to the small claims court to prevent damaging his credit record.

"The rise is only about £1.50 a month ... but it just pains me that Three are trying to steamroller their customers," he said.

Three disputes his arguments.