Nike accused of glamorising drugs

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Nike is facing a wave of criticism from politicians and pressure groups in America, who accuse the multinational of glamorising drug use in its new T-shirt slogans.

The world's largest athletics wear and shoe supplier has replaced its signature "Just Do It" slogan with the phrases: "Dope," "Get High" and "Ride Pipe" in an attempt to mimic language that Nike says is now commonly used by the extreme sports enthusiasts that it is trying to target.

But critics say products such as the new "Dope" shirt, that shows a pill bottle upended with surfboards and skateboards pouring out, is "irresponsible" and in "poor taste".

Travis Tygart, the CEO of the US Anti-Doping Agency, said: "Athletes have had their lives ruined by the use of performance-enhancing drugs, and it is totally irresponsible that Nike is now actively promoting it for profit."

Nike defended its campaign. "In no way does Nike condone the use of banned or illegal substances," a spokesman for the company said.