The 99% call on Cameron to visit

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Protesters entered their fifth day of occupying public spaces around Britain to demand change to the global economic system today.

Sixteen-year-old Kane Ashmore, pictured, was among a group taking part in an anti-capitalist demonstration at Nottingham Market Square as part of the "Occupy Nottingham" movement.

Meanwhile, in London, the Labour MP David Winnick called for the Prime Minister, David Cameron, and the Chancellor, George Osborne, to visit the City to meet protesters.

The veteran Walsall North MP went to St Paul's along with his colleague Kelvin Hopkins to meet the demonstrators.

He said: "A number of them suggested it would not be a bad idea if the Prime Minister and the Chancellor came and spoke to them.

"I fully endorse that sentiment," he said, adding: "I would say to Cameron and Osborne, 'It's a very short distance, why don't you go and have a chat?"'

The United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, has expressed sympathy with the protests, which started with an occupation of New York's Wall Street one month ago.