Cryptic crossword clues - No. 503


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Here are the clues for the Cryptic crossword in today's issue of the i.


1 Pronouncement of perceptive writer (6)

4 Wants to live on the borders, near a great expanse of water (5,3)

9 Blue Peter, I squeal, has been reduced in length (6)

10 Elected US politician brought to book, being disinclined to work (8)

11 Media journalist’s talent is saving one minute, having to meet deadline? (7,3,4)

14 Criminals on stairs suspiciously grabbing swag for starters (9)

16 Former statesman regularly unfed, hard up (5)

17 Resign, needing period for reflection after dithering at first (5)

19 Club near High Street, approached from the back (9)

21 TripAdvisor, source of unwelcome comments? (4-4,6)

24 Jailbird gives up first of rights for old murderer (8)

25 A road with freak bends in northern region (6)

26 Watch pet cats jumping on end of settee (8)

27 Hot? Yes and no (6)



1 Police should look into disputes in recycling centres (10)

2 Beer is located within part of supermarket (5)

3 Painter has us sittin’ around (7)

5 View if one’s looking askance through window (4,2,5)

6 Among corn flakes find square piece of bread (7)

7 Boat set out, with terrible mishap ensuing (9)

8 Performer making appearance in Royal Tournament (4)

12 Dig up only half the estate, showing lack of involvement (11)

13 A diving duck is fat, with round shape (10)

15 Put in a nutshell, we’ve heard not everyone will get a wage increase (9)

18 Kill escort (4,3)

20 Chap who in the Alps gets stuck in lake (7)

22 Film clumsy dive at far end of lido (5)

23 Booms, say, in health centres (4)